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Reclining Splits, Supta Trivikramasana in Ashtanga Yoga wtih Kino



on May 16, 2013

Standing Splits should really only be tried once you are fully proficient as seated splits. It takes open hamstrings, hip flexors, hips and spine to be able to do this. Called Trivikramasana in Sanskrit, this posture is very Advanced. Be careful and go slowly!
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Yoga Closing Postures: Karnapidasana


on May 12, 2013

The Closing Postures of Ashtanga Yoga are an important part of daily practice. They help seal in the deep cleansing work of the practice and help the body heal. With regular practice you will also feel a meditative calm come over the body when practicing the Closing Postures.
This posture, Karnapidasana, involves a combination of core strength and spinal flexion. Be patient and practice with dedication.
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